Research projects

Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval from BIM Models for Management and Decision-Making

The aim of the grant project is to research ICT support that would enable construction companies to better integrate their information systems and processes to better extract and use data from building information models (BIM) for management and decision-making and how to communicate these data remotely. The transition from the digital drawing board - CAD systems - towards BIM requires complex virtual building models as well as more complex management processes and much closer cooperation of all stakeholders from the very beginning of the project. These requirements place heavy demands on ICT to create sufficient support for relevant data delivery, information exchange and remote (and often asynchronous) communication between all the subjects.

Research team

Main Researcher: Vojtěch Kusý
Other Members: Dalibor Vytlačil, Vladimír Nývlt, Marian Smutný, Jiří Kaiser, Lucie Vaníčková

Process Modeling and Processing of Big Data for Support of Building Industry and Sustainable Building

The goal of this project is a proposal of methods of process modelling in the building industry, for planning in the building industry and during the life cycle of buildings and research of possibilities of utilization, analysis and data processing of new data sources, that are social networks and data warehouses managed by public administration, that can be used for information support during decision making in these processes. The method of process modelling in the building industry must take into consideration its specificity. The requirement of consistent and exact methods of process modelling, that would enable to represent structure of processes, data outputs of individual phases of process, need of data for particular activities and show responsibility of each profession or person for activities execution and its outcomes is especially justified at the present, when resolved processes often exceed not only design of building, but also life cycle of building and as a result data of these processes have impact on building of Smart Cities and sustainable building. The data from new data sources can be used for support of these processes, e. g. social networks and data warehouses managed by public administration, whose advantages are in decreased costs for obtaining of data of them, actual content and continuous accessibility and as its result gathering and analysis of this data can take place in the real time.

Research team

Main Researcher: Josef Myslín
Other Members: Jiří Demel, Jiří Kaiser, Jan Čermák

Dynamic Models for the Building Stock Management

The project goal is the design of the dynamic model for the assessment of the building stock parameters changes in the Czech Republic. The calculated parameters describe the energy consumption in the existing building stock. The solution is based on the system dynamics methodology that is the suitable tool for the complex problem solution in the technical-economic systems. The designed model can be used for strategy decision making concerning building energy consumption decreasing. It makes possible to test different strategies in the virtual world before implementation. The prediction of the future development on the basis of the dynamic model helps to improve decision making processes in the state institutions as well as it helps building owners.

Research team

Main Researcher: Dalibor Vytlačil
Other Members: Jana Kučerová, Tomáš Vaníček, Pavel Kresteš, Jan Kaňka, Martin Hotový

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