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 [[http://​kix.fsv.cvut.cz/​OLD/​|Starý web katedry informatiky]] */ [[http://​kix.fsv.cvut.cz/​OLD/​|Starý web katedry informatiky]] */
 +======Department of Applied Informatics======
 +[[en:​katedra:​vedeni|Head]] ​  ​[[en:​katedra:​clenove|Members]] ​
 +/* [[katedra:​|Kontakt]] */
 +Teaching and research activities of the department focuses on the information engineering and optimization modeling needs for building industry and capital construction. The basis are theoretical disciplines like mathematical modeling, computer systems and information technology. Application areas of these disciplines are in design and management in the building industry and capital construction.
 +The specific aim of the department'​s scientific research is the analysis and development of information support for management of bulindings and construction companies.
 +The research also focuses on  application and development of CAD and GIS systems.
 +The department provides education in a number of elective courses and lifelong learning courses. The department is equipped with two computer classrooms and computer lab.
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