128OR10 -- Optimization and Operations Research 10

Weekly load 2+2 Credits 4
Semester W Assessment Z, ZK

An introduction to deterministic optimization methodologies with the emphasis on linear optimization; discrete and non-linear optimization including algorithms and computations. Applications will be introduced as appropriate in seminars.

1. Introduction to Operations Research, System Modeling Principles.
2. Model Building in Linear Programming Models
3. Applications and Special Types of Mathematical Programming Model.
4. Graphical Solution of Linear Programming Model.
5. The Simplex Method.
6. Duality in Linear Optimization.
7. Sensitivity Analysis.
8. The Transportation Problem.
9. General Methods for Integer Programming.
10. Dynamic Optimization.
11. Non-linear Optimization.
12. System Approach to Problem Solving. Identification of Systems.
13. System Design of Socio-economic Systems.

Recommended literature:
1. Hillier, F.S., Lieberman, G.J.: Introduction to Operations Research. McGraw-Hill 2015
2. Taha, A.H.: Operations Research - An Introduction. Prentice Hall 2011
3. Newton, S.C, Sarker, A.R.: Optimization Modelling. A Practical Approach. CRC Press 2007

Optimization, Linear Programming, Simplex Method, Systems

Teacher: Ing. Kučerová Jana CSc.

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