128OR20 -- Optimization and Operations Research 20

Weekly load 2+2 Credits 4
Semester S Assessment Z, ZK

The course may either continue the course Optimization and Operations Research 10 or may be studied separately. Important deterministic and stochastic models are introduced ranging from Multicriterial Decision Making to Queuing Theory. Applications will be shown as appropriate in seminars.

1. Stochastic Models. Types of Stochastic Processes. Markov Process.
2. Commonly Used Distributions and their Applications.
3. Introduction to Queuing Theory.
4. Basic Elements of Queuing Systems.
5. Analysis of simple Queuing Systems.
6. Queuing Networks.
7. Introduction to Simulation.
8. Random Variable Generation.
9. Discrete Simulation Models and Monte Carlo Method.
10. Multicriterial Decision Making.
11. Inventory Control (Deterministic and Stochastic).
12. Regression and Correlation Analysis.
13. Cluster Analysis.

Recommended literature:
1. Hillier, F.S., Lieberman, G.J.: Introduction to Operations Research. McGraw-Hill 2015
2. Taha, A.H.: Operations Research - An Introduction. Prentice Hall 2011
3. Parnell, G.s., Bresnick, T.A., Tani, S.N., Johnson, E.R.: Handbook of Decision Analysis. Wiley 2013

Queuing Theory, Simulation, Multicriterial Decision Making, Inventory Control

Teacher: Ing. Kučerová Jana CSc.

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