128SDY -- System Dynamics

Weekly load 2+2 Credits 4
Semester W,S Assessment Z, ZK

The subject explains the principles of system dynamics approach that is used for the description of dynamic behavior of systems. This method can describe the changes of parameters mainly in economic systems. The influence of feedback loops is important part of the system analysis.

1. Explanation of key words (system, object, synergy)
2. System problem solving
3. Languages for system description
4. Soft system methodology
5. Introduction to system dynamics approach
6. Cause diagrams, feedback analysis
7. Elements of system dynamics models
8. Design of models, boundary identification
9. Models for construction management
10. Models for project management
11. Explanation of large scale web models
12. Model for building stock management
13. Summary

Recommended literature:
J., D., Sterman, Business Dynamics - System Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World, McGraw-Hill, 2000
D., Vytlacil, Systémová analýza a syntéza, CTU, 2007, ISBN 978-80-01-03637-2

system dynamics, system approach, computer simulation, dynamic behaviour

Teacher: Doc. Ing. Vytlačil Dalibor CSc.

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