128YIND -- Computer Use Fundamentals

Weekly load 0+2 Credits 2
Semester S Assessment Z

1) Office utilities (OpenOffice, Microsoft Office): word processing, spreadsheets, databases.
2) AutoCAD - Computer graphics, graphic tools, computer-aided design (CAD).
3) Other problem-oriented programs, user interfaces.
4) Information systems (IS), basic principles, what IS's are or are not.
( 5) Computer-aided processes and activities).

Recommended literature:
Office manuals, …
AutoCad manuals, …
Laudon, K.C., Laudon, J.P.: Management Information Systems, 1991, Macmillan, N.Y.
Curtis, G., Cobham, D.: Business Information Systems, FT, Prentice Hall

Office programs, CAD programs, AutoCAD, using PC, PC effectively, user interface, databases, information systems, computer, graphics, computer-aided systems, computer application

Teacher: Ing. Sůra Miroslav CSc.

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