128PIS -- Project of Information System

Weekly load 1+2 Credits 3
Semester W Assessment Z, ZK

Fundamental terms, information systems architecture, information system lifecycle, approaches to information system development, management information systems, business process modeling using BPMN and UML, information system modeling using UML, data modeling using ER diagrams
Goals of Study:
Goal of the subject is to gain basic knowledge in branch of information systems and ability to model and manage business processes and information systems of enterprises. This includes analysis of existing business processes and information systems, design of business processes and design of information system.

Outline of Lectures:
1.Explanation of keywords (data, information, knowledge, information system), architectures of information systems
2.Information systems lifecycle, approaches to information system development
3.Process modeling using Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
4.Software design using Unified Modeling Language (UML) - use case modeling
5.Software design using Unified Modeling Language (UML) - activity diagrams, state diagrams
6.Entity Relationship diagram, platform specific data model

Outline of Excercises:
1 - 2. Business process modeling using BPMN
3 - 4. Business process modeling using UML (activity diagrams)
5 - 7. Use case modeling
8. Activity diagram
9. State machine diagram
10. Entity relationship diagram
11. Data model normalization
12. SQL data types

Recommended literature:
ARLOW, Jim. UML 2 and the unified process: practical object-oriented analysis and design. Vyd. 1. Boston: Addison-Wesley, 2005, 592 s. ISBN 03-213-2127-8.
AMBLER, Scott W. The elements of UML 2.0 style. Cambridg: Cambridge University Press, 2005, xi, 188 s. ISBN 978-0-521-61678-2.
BPMN specification - www.bpmn.org
MySQL Reference Manuals - http://dev.mysql.com

Information system, business process, BPMN, UML, SQL, use case modeling, ER model, information system architecture, information system lifecycle

Teacher: Ing. Kaiser Jiří Ph.D.

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